Don’t Get Wrong, Here Are 5 Ways to Choose the Right Reading Glasses

Disorders or problems with vision in the eye when reading can be overcome by using reading glasses. Reading glasses are a tool when reading because they help focus the eyes when seeing letters.

Tips for Choosing the Right Reading Glasses

Although buying progressive glasses seems like an easy thing, choosing the right reading glasses can be a daunting task. Because, you will get lots of choices, such as choosing a frame, frame material, lenses, coatings for lenses, prices, and other things. Of course, you want to get the ideal reading glasses for your needs, see our tips below.

  1. Special glasses or ready to use?
    You can choose progressive glasses for reading that are freely sold, or special reading glasses through a doctor’s prescription. You can buy ready-to-wear reading glasses easily and the price is cheaper. However, usually ready-to-use reading glasses are not the right size. If you choose special glasses that will certainly fit your eyes better, you can have your eyes checked by a professional and get a special prescription for reading glasses.
  2. Choose the right lens
    Proper reading progressive glasses have a good transition between distant and near focus areas with no visible dividing line. This type of lens can be more effective at correcting intermediate vision. To get the right type of lens for reading glasses, you can ask for advice directly from a professional or an ophthalmologist.
  3. Adjust the shape and size of the lens based on the prescription
    Lenses come in many shapes and sizes. If you have only slightly impaired vision, you can use a smaller lens, whereas if you have more severe vision problems, a larger lens prescribed by a doctor is a more appropriate choice. Because, if the lens of your choice of glasses is too small or does not match the prescription, you may experience distortion or a prism effect.
  4. Choose the right eyeglass frame material
    If you have a lot of outdoor activities, the right eyeglass frame might be a frame made of plastic, but because the plastic material is easily damaged or broken, plastic eyeglass frames can be replaced many times. Meanwhile, if you want eyeglass frames that are strong and can be used for a long time, maybe you should consider metal eyeglass frames. When choosing frames, make sure they fit your face, nose bridge, and ears so they are comfortable when you wear them.
  5. Do Reading glasses wear a protective coating or not?
    In order for your progressive glasses lenses to be used optimally, you must keep your glasses in good condition and without any scratches that can interfere with your vision when wearing glasses, you can consider adding anti-scratches to your eyeglass lenses, so that your glasses can last for a long time.

Generally, the severity of eye disorders will tend to get worse over time. Therefore, you should continue to regularly check your eye health.